Thursday, February 8, 2018

President Nelson Valentine's Day Activity

I'm going to be switching up my "Name that Primary Song About Love" activity found HERE a bit to correspond to what this sister posted HERE, relating hearts to our new prophet President Nelson who is a heart doctor. I'll be using all the same songs about love from my activity.  I printed a bunch of blank hearts found HERE on pink and red card stock, then just hand-wrote these phrases (and page numbers) on each of them just like the sister's photo below:

I feel my Savior's love / the love He freely gives me. {p. 74}
When your heart is filled with love / others will love you. {p. 61}
If ye have love / One to another {p. 136}
I love you and you love me / And that's the way that it's supposed to be. {p. 263}
Jesus walked away from none / He gave His love to everyone. {p. 140}
And I am thankful / Love is spoken here {p. 190}
And show that He / will guide us with His love {p. 138}
Be gentle and loving / in deed and in thought {p. 78}
I'm reverent / for reverence is love {p. 31}
For the temple is a house of God / a place of love and beauty {p. 95}
I love to see you / singing so softly {p. 207}
He loves us, and so you see / we are a happy family {p. 198}

If you don't have a FB account, here's her activity:

"I'm combining [Valentine's Day] with the idea that President Nelson is a heart doctor.

For junior primary, they are going to find hearts located around the primary room and then bring them to the front. I will help them read the lyrics on each heart, and they can guess what song it is from. Then we will sing the songs and place the heart around a picture of President Nelson, since he was surrounded by hearts during his career. :-)

Senior primary will be a little bit harder. (A matching game) I will emphasize that our new Prophet, was a healer of hearts, and we can be too. On the board will be a bunch of half hearts, and they will have to take turns trying to put the correct ones together. We will sing each song as the hearts are being paired up."

I think I will pass out handbells to Jr. (and possibly Sr.) then as we sing the song, everyone can ring their bell anytime we sing the word "love" (I'm wishing I had bell charts to all of these songs for Sr. - oh well).  I'll also post the words to all the songs (see how I do that HERE).  If you are unfamiliar with a few of these songs, I'd also recommend playing them on CD/phone and have the kids sing along in addition to posting the words.  This is a great way to get the kids to sing lots of unfamiliar songs!!

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