Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Am a Child of God - Bells

This week we'll be reviewing I Am a Child of God using the handbells using my post HERE (I'll just be using the bell charts from this post but it's a great lesson plan too if you are looking for one).  I think I'll have Sr. primary play the obbligato bell chart and then have Jr. primary play the chorus-only chart.  If I decide that Jr. primary is up for the challenge, I may have them try the obbligato but we'll see.  We'll also be using the bells with this song during when we sing it for our program later this year.  If you are unfamiliar with handbells or are interested in getting a set for your primary, check out my post HERE.

Or if you haven't taught I Am a Child of God yet, I have my lesson plan from last week HERE using the Plan of Salvation chart.

If you need other ideas for reviewing I Am a Child of God (that don't include handbells) this week, check out my list of simple review activities HERE.  The Roll-A-Snowman would be fun for this time of year:

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