Thursday, October 5, 2017

Program Review Helps

Our primary will be putting the final touches on our program this Sunday in the chapel.  I have a few helps that I like to use to stay organized and to keep the kids somewhat engaged.  You can find all of that information HERE which includes my big "Guy Smiley" pictured here:

For all of the primaries with their programs coming up, good luck!  If you are finished - lucky you!!  Make sure to check out what I have planned after our program and for the rest of October HERE, including a fun Halloween singing time usiing the song Hinges.

If you like to get a head start on the holidays, you can find all of my Thanksgiving/fall singing time ideas HERE and my Christmas HERE.  I personally like to reserve November for Thanksgiving and December for Christmas.

Now is my FAVORITE time of year - the pressure of the program is off and you are free to sing and teach any of the songs in the songbook that you don't get to sing!

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