Thursday, September 7, 2017

Program Review Round-Up

During the month of September, I like to make it easy on myself and use one activity to review all month.  I've done it for several years now and have quite the collection of program review activities!  I thought it might be convenient to round them all up to help you with your program reviewing this month!  Find them all below.

Scroll through all of my program helps including invitations, physical programs, ideas for reviewing in the chapel and more HERE.  Also find my after-the-program ideas HERE in case you have had your program already and are looking for ideas!

Come Follow Me Review HERE

Treasure Hunt Review HERE

"Chews" the Right Review found HERE

Road Trip Review found HERE

The Song Hospital found HERE

Primary Program Report Card HERE

What Shape are our Songs in HERE

Ribbon Review Box HERE

There's a fun Magic Singing Oven Wendi posted HERE that looks fun!

Or Build-An-Aquarium Dee created HERE!

What fun activities have you done to review for your upcoming program?  Leave a comment and share!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hi! I'm new to primary music this year, and your website has really really helped! I love these review ideas! Thank you for taking time to create and post your ideas!