Thursday, September 14, 2017

Gumball Machine Review

To add a little variety to my "Chews" the Right Review activity found HERE, I thought it would be fun to bring in an actual gumball machine and do a few activities with it (we'll still be adding gumball stickers to the gumball images).  I purchased my gumball machine here:

(click on the image above - affiliate link)

Also extra gumballs here:

(click on the image above - affiliate link)

If you want to omit the gumball machine and just have a bag or bowl with the gumballs so the kids can choose, that would also work.

"Chews" the song, original idea found HERE.  Each color represents a song.  Choose the best singer to put a coin in the gumball machine to see which song we sang next.  Find my printable HERE.

"Chews" how we sing, original idea found HERE.  Choose the best singer to put a coin in the gumball machine to see how to sing the chosen song. Download my printable HERE.

Another idea is to pick teachers (or kids - depending on ability) to come up front and see how many bubbles they can blow as the primary sings the song.

I will let my primary kids take home a gumball after church is over.  If you are worried about the little kids choking on gum, simply substitute it for something else.

For more ideas, search "gumballs" in the Chorier's Facebook Group!  Or if you have more gumball ideas to share, let me know!  I'll be doing these for the last 2 weeks in September.


The Auction Guru said...

You tried to add some links to where you bought your gumball machine and gumball stickers, but they don't seem to be working. Instead of being links or buttons on which you can click, it just says "(affiliate link)" instead, and it's not clickable.

Camille Hill said...

Hi The Auction Guru,

Just click on the images, those are the links.



Carrie Gooss Petersen said...

I prepped this idea for a sub and she said it went great. Thank you for posting!