Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day singing time lesson plan is intended to expose the children to LOTS of the Mother's Day songs in the Children's Songbook that we rarely get to sing.  It is not intended to teach them the songs.  I find value in the children listening to these songs (and singing where they can) almost just as much as I find value in learning and memorizing the words.

The songs I chose are:

Grandmother p. 200
I Often Go Walking p. 202
My Mother Dear p. 203
Mother, Tell Me the Story p. 204
Mother Dear p. 206
Dearest Mother, I Love You p. 206
Mother, I Love You p. 207
The Dearest Names p. 208

Because you will be exposing the kids to unfamiliar songs, I recommend playing each song on CD (or you and teachers sing them with the piano) AND posting words like I do HERE.

I have 2 separate lesson plans for Jr. and Sr.  If you have a combined primary, I'd probably recommend the Jr. lesson plan while verbally asking all the questions listed on the worksheet to help engage the older kids.

For Jr. I created this printout of a mother for them to color as they listen to Mother's Day Songs for part of the time.  Download my document HERE.  The original image is from HERE.  I printed mine on white card stock (optional) quickly cut out each image beforehand.

The colored picture can then be adhered to a popsicle stick and used as the children sing along and/or listen for certain words of the various songs to be sung [mother, love, etc.].  They can also use them to pitch lead.  It could potentially be used as a Mother's Day gift as well from the children to their mothers.

For Sr. primary, I created this worksheet for them to fill out with a pencil as we listen to each song.  Download my document HERE.  Make double-sided copies at the library so each child will only receive one paper.

Between each song, post the words and sing along with the CD to check answers.

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