Wednesday, May 24, 2017

January - May 2017 Review

I'm pulling out {yet again!} an activity from last year!

Only I'll be using 2017 January - May program songs on each petal with an associated activity:
  • As a Child of God vs. 1 (using sign language we learned HERE)
  • As a Child of God vs. 2 (again using sign language)
  • As a Child of God vs. 3 (again using sign language)
  • Choose the Right vs. 1 (using actions we learned HERE with finger lights)
  • Stand For the Right (stand when we sing the word "stand")
  • Dare to Do Right (turn to the right when we sing "right" and turn to the left when we sing "true")
  • Stand For the Right/Dare to Do Right Medley found HERE (divide the primary in 2 using a set of my prompts HERE)
  • When He Comes Again vs. 1 (using my stop/go signs HERE - stop singing on stop, sing on green, piano always keeps going)
  • When He Comes Again vs. 2 (using the stop/go signs again)
  • When I Am Baptized vs. 1 & 2 (sing verses legato/smooth and chorus staccato/choppy with wands HERE
(I've basically combined all my lesson plans from the entire year into 1 singing time!).  Since I have plenty going on, I'll only be using 2 flowers (10 petals/raindrops).  But if you want to fill more time, add in wiggle songs, Father's Day songs, etc. with more flowers.

There are enough activities with each song, that you can even omit the flowers/rain drop activity and just go through the list of songs/activitires above and the kids should be plenty engaged!

And so I don't have kids who are disappointed who don't get a turn, I will have the best singing classes collaborate with their teacher (while in their seats) to decide on a raindrop to pick and the teacher will tell me which one their class chose to turn over.  It should speed up the picking so we can sing more.

You can also check out all of my generic and simple review activitites HERE.

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