Thursday, April 6, 2017

When He Comes Again - 1st Verse

For our April "song of your choice" I chose When He Comes Again (if you are having trouble choosing, check out my post HERE for more ideas!).  This will also double as the song we will sing during sacrament meeting on Easter Sunday.

To introduce the song, post a picture of the second coming on the chalkboard (there is one in the Gospel Art Book - see how I use mine HERE - or you can download and print one HERE or I have the above image available to print below but you will want to cover up the text).  Ask if the children know what this picture is about [The Second Coming].  We know Jesus Christ will come again because the scriptures say, "I, the Lord God have spoken it; but the hour and the day no man knoweth, neither the angels in heaven, nor shall they know until he comes" (D&C 49:7).  We don't know when he'll come but we can wonder what it will be like.

Play the song on CD or you and the teachers sing along with the piano (words posted - see how I do that HERE).  As the kids listen, pass out various coloring pages to each child along with crayons or colored pencils:

There are 2 options: coloring pages with images for the 1st verse HERE (do not make copies or pass out the first page to color - that is an optional page to post on the chalkboard).  I thought these would be easier for Jr. primary.

Or there is a blank option for the 1st verse HERE (again, do not make copies or pass out the first page to color - that is an optional page to post on the chalkboard).  Sr. primary might enjoy the freedom of coming up with their own images.

A lot of images are from an article from the Friend found HERE.  The rest are from HERE or HERE or a random Google search.  If you find any errors, PLEASE let me know!!

Randomly pass out the various sheets to the primary.  Give them 5 - 7 minutes to color as they listen to the song.  Once completed, gather coloring supplies.  Call up children who have the next phrase in the song [Will herald angels sing?].  Have them show their drawings and hang them on the chalkboard or a section of a wall in the primary (depending on the size of your primary) using tape or magnets.  Sing the phrase posted on the chalkboard [I wonder, when he comes again] then the next phrase that was just introduced by the kids [Will herald angels sing?].  Repeat with each phrase until all children have been called up to show their drawings and all the phrases have been hung up and sung.  Sing the entire song through.

Time permitting, remove pages and repeat (maybe asking if anyone knows the artist!) until all the pages have been removed and the song has been memorized.

**Find my imgaes for the 2nd verse HERE.  There are only 4 more pages as opposed to the 8 on the 1st verse so plan accordingly if you are splitting this between weeks.  Getting to both verses in one singing time will be a lot.  One week could be focused on only listening and coloring then the second week could be showcasing the images, hanging them up/taking them down all while singing the song in between phrases.


Jen said...

Thanks for making these (and sharing them)! Great way to introduce the song!

Anita Bean said...

We are singing this song for April also. It is one of my very favorites. I thought you might like to have the words to the 3rd verse, which can be found in the book written by Mirla Greenwood Thayne, the composer of When He Comes Again. I feel like they are so appropriate to our times and especially this last Conference.

I wonder when He comes again
Will all the nations bring
Their little children to His arms
To hear the angels sing?

And as they hear His loving voice
And seek His outstretched hand,
Will children of the world rejoice
To finally understand:

That only as we do His will
Can happiness increase,
That love, alone, can make this world
A haven of His peace.

Camille Hill said...

Thank you for sharing Anita! I never knew a 3rd verse existed.


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

thank for show how you made this sheets. every week you have great ideas. I'm very great full for you talents and wiliness to share. We did the coloring pages. they kids had a ball but it was a little load but fun.