Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stand for the Right/Dare to Do Right Medley

For March, I thought it would be fun to incorporate another song since our primary KNOWS Stand for the Right.  There is a fabulous medley that you can download HERE that we will be learning.  But before I pull out the medley, we will be learning each song individually.

During singing time, I will QUICKLY (maybe 5 minutes) go over Stand for the Right using my lesson plan HERE using all the visuals except the bell notes.  I will not be pulling out the bells this time.  I'll just write "BE TRUE" on the chalkboard.  However, if you will only be learning this song this month, this lesson plan is really fun, especially if you use the bells!

We will then be spending the remainder of our time on learning Dare to Do Right with my lesson plan found HERE.

Practice the actual medley using my learning parts activity found HERE and introudcing it using the video found HERE.

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