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Monday, March 13, 2017


One of my favorite props for singing time are these: wands!

I use them in several lesson plans through the year (find all my lesson plans using wands HERE) and in nursery (details on music in nursery HERE).  The ones I have pictured are from a company that is no longer in business but reader Cindy commented that you can purchase these at dressupwholesale.com WAHOO!  There are tons of color options HERE.  THANK YOU!!

I also get asked frequently about other options for wands.  If you don't have the budget for actual wands, you can make your own pretty easily and for pretty cheap!

I'd recommend using shower curtain rings and just about anywhere sells them including Amazon:

You can also get multi-colored ribbon just about anywhere too like this pack from Amazon:

The ribbon length on the wands I currently have are approximately 16" so I'd cut these ribbons into 36" strips.  I'd tie maybe 2 or 3 of the same colored strips around the ring, with a double knot in the center of each ribbon, securing each knot to the ring with a dab of hot glue (optional).  Then repeating with all of the colors until the ring was 1/3 - 1/2 full.

I'd also elicit the help of the Young Women or Activity Day girls in my ward as well - this would be a very easy service project that they could handle.

So I ask you - what have you done to create and use wands in your primary?  Leave a comment!

Here are several great ideas from my FB post:


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

Love the ring idea, the activity day girls are making them for me as a service project. My supply list is shower rings, Elmer glue , paper ribbon from the $ store. The girl are making the next week. I hope will go well. I'll do excited.
Thank for you ideas.

Cindy Smith said...

You can get these wands at www.dressupwholesale.com

Camille Hill said...


Thank you SO SO much! I've been trying for a while to try to find them online again!! I appreciate this information so much!