Thursday, February 23, 2017

Finger Light Review

I'm going to try out the ever-popular finger light activity that was posted HERE (1st verse) and HERE (chorus) and HERE (2nd verse in case you need it - I stopped on verse 1) by this fellow primary chorister to review Choose the Right and extend it for reviewing As a Child of God as well.  For As a Child of God we'll be reviewing the simplified ASL we learned last month found HERE.

UPDATE:  Teresa posted her FB videos on YouTube to share with those not on Facebook!  A huge shout out to her!  Find them HERE HERE HERE and HERE or they are all embedded below:

You can get 100 finger lights from Amazon for $15.00 here:

For the activity, I'll pass out 2 lights to each child.  We'll simply turn the lights off and repeat our actions in the dark, over and over again.  To add more variety, we may turn around and sing to the back wall, sing acappella, sing staccatto (our personal favorite especially when the piano joins in!), etc. all while doing the actions in the dark.  I can sense their excitement ;)!

Now, if you didn't learn actions to either songs and/or you don't have finger lights ready for this Sunday, never fear...there are LOTS of options!

Great substitutes for the finger lights are glow sticks:

Amazon carries some here:

What I do appreciate about the finger lights as opposed to the glow sticks are the finger lights can be re-used where the glow sticks are a one-time thing.

Other options that will work with the lights on are wands:
(check out my post on wands HERE)

Or scarves:

I bought my scarves here:

Really, the options are endless!  If you have more ideas, please leave a comment!

Then, if you don't have pre-determined actions, my favorite go-to are these HERE from OCD primary's website.  UPDATE: that website has been taken down but you can now download the actions HERE.

Print them off and shuffle through them which will provide 20 minutes of movement for the kids while they sing!  You could turn the lights on briefly so the kids can see the movement card, then turn the lights off and have them do it in the dark, repeating with each new card.

You can also find a list of more things to do with finger lights HERE.  If none of these options suite your fancy, you can also check out my list of review activities HERE for more ideas.


Carrie Fediuk said...

I don't have a Facebook account. Can you put out another link where I can find the finger light idea?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Carrie!

I've just reached out to the chorister who posted them on FB asking if she'd mind sharing them on YouTube as well. I have no sharing capabilities outside of Facebook, I'm sorry. I'll keep you posted. In the mean time, I did quickly type up the chorus actions here if it helps at all:

Choose the right: hands go out to the side of the body one at a time then cross in the middle (repeat)
Wisdom: draw a "W" in the air
Mark the path: make a path like someone directing traffic
Light: exploding hands above head
Choose the right: repeat action above
God: sign for God but using 2 hands
Bless: ASL sign for love
Evermore: ASL sign for evermore using 2 hands


Carrie Fediuk said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Camille Hill said...


I've updated the post so it now links the YouTube videos...I hope it helps.



Carrie Fediuk said...

Wow. That is so wonderful! It helps a lot. Thank you so much for doing that. I am super excited to teach it today!

Annie said...

Do you happen to have a digital file of the scarf action cards? OCD has taken everything off her blog, so the link no longer works. Thank you!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Annie,

I don't have these files - I must have printed mine directly from her website. But I've posted on the FB group to see if anyone else still has the files.

I suppose worst case scenario I can take a picture of my documents but the quality won't be as nice. I'll keep you posted.


Camille Hill said...

Hi Annie,

I've updated the post with 6 of the 12 actions for now...hopefully it's a start. I'll try to add more soon.

Camille Hill said...

Hi Annie (again!),

I've got them all linked above, thanks to wonderful choristers on the FB group who shared their files!! Enjoy!!


Bryan Mulholland said...

How long have your finger lights lasted?