Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thanksgiving Sing-A-Story

If I'm being honest, I'm sure enjoying this month's singing time prep - pulling out all the work I've done in previous years!  This week is no different (if you haven't already done the work, don't worry - it's SUPER easy this week!) Find my Thanksgiving Sing-A-Story HERE.

You can also find all of my Thanksgiving/fall posts HERE.   If you are wanting to plunge in to Christmas prep, you can find all of my Christmas posts HERE.  I'll have my December singing time schedule posted by the end of next week - I need to get through Thanksgiving first :).

I was asked by a reader if the kids tire of the same thing every year.  My feelings are that to pull out something only once a year isn't very often.  And my annual lessons are usually super fun and engaging so why not do it every year?  The kids look forward to my annual Name that Primary Song about Love every February.  There's enough variety with my lesson plans that no one should ever get bored with an oldie-but-goodie that resurfaces annually.

Usually the only kids who remember doing it in the past is Sr. primary and some of them seem roll their eyes at almost anything anyway {am I right?}.  But it's never that they don't want to do it again.  Whenever I get sarcastic remarks about that day's singing time lesson I usually respond telling them that we can pass out hymn books and we can sing all the hymns on [said topic] instead.  I've never had to resort to that method but I wouldn't be opposed to it if it came down to it.

Are there singing time lessons that you repeat every year (or even more often!) that no one seems to mind repeating?  I'd love to hear!

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shay said...

I'm so excited to do this today! I don't think kids mind repeating lessons. I think if they know it's coming, they almost look forward to it. Thanks for all your prep and advice. It makes my job so much easier!! THANK YOU!