Saturday, October 15, 2016

Singing Time AFTER the Program

Nothing quite like being the main attraction for all of sacrament meeting then heading off and doing it again for 2 more hours, right?  Sunday is our sacrament meeting presentation and for primary afterward, our presidency has planned a "program party" complete with church videos, snacks and of course....dun, dun, dun...singing!

Since the last thing I really want to do is prep a ton for singing time, I'm pulling out my primary's absolute favorites:  Stump the primary & Nursery bag in primary.  Gratefully, both of these activities are super SIMPLE - hooray!

Stump the primary is for Sr. and the absolutely LOVE it.  Find details HERE.

Then Jr. primary never seems to tire of my trusty ol' Nursery bag.  Find details HERE.

Check out my list of simple review games that will work with ANY song HERE in case you need some more ideas.  Pick some favorite classics or seasonal songs and you can easily have a great singing time all with low-prep!

Good luck to anyone whose program is tomorrow, congratulations to those of you who have finished, and to those of you still gearing up for your program, I'm sure the day can't come fast enough ;).

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