Thursday, October 6, 2016

Road Trip Review - Treat Topper

This week is our primary's last practice before our program next week.  You can find my chapel practice helps HERE.  I'll be SO happy to have the program finished next week!

Then next Sunday, after the program and the end of primary, we will be handing out little treats to all the kids and attaching the following treat topper:

Download my document HERE.  Black and white copies from the library will totally suffice too :).  There is space on the back of each topper to optionally write each child a personal thank you note too.  Kind of a fun way to end my Road Trip Review we've been working so hard to complete (find details HERE) and tell the kids thank you.

I haven't put our primary's together but they will look like this, filled with chocolate donuts (go for animal crackers if you want less mess):

If you are lucky enough to be finished with your program and are asking yourself, "now what?!?" check out my After-the-Program posts HERE.  My personal favorite for the day of the program is Primary Music Memory HERE or a church video ;).

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Kara Littlejohn said...

Hi Camille,
I wanted to ask you if could send me a link do something you posted a while back. You posted wonderful cards that you could download, that were made by Susan Finch. The cards were to give to the Children when they gave a talk or said the opening theme or gave the opening or closing Prayer. you could give theme the little card and write their name on it. I downloaded it a long time ago but I do not have it anymore I would love to bring these wonderful Illustrated Cards into primary.
My email is