Friday, September 23, 2016

Road Trip Review - Spiritual Point

I'm continuing on to the 3rd leg of my Road Trip Review this week with my Spiritual Point stop (find poster details HERE, Word City stop HERE and Dynamics Zone stop HERE)...

Our primary will be running through the entire program for 2 Sundays during both primary hour blocks.  This Sunday will be a casual run-thru in the primary room where kids will simply come up and speak their parts in the microphone and we'll sing the songs as outlined in our program.  I'll have the poster hung on the chalkboard and simply move the vehicles as we sing each song throughout our practice.  I'll make it a point to have the kids practice standing and sitting together, eyes on me, being reverent as they sing and doing their best to invite the spirit.

Then the week after General Conference we will basically do the same run-thru but in the chapel.  I won't be bringing in the poster.  But I will be bringing in Mr. Smiley balloon:

I've had trouble finding these in stores (which is usually late Saturday night, ugh!) so I went ahead and ordered this one from Amazon.  I'll take it to a local party store to have it filled with helium the night before and have it attached to a LONG (long enough to touch the chapel ceiling) ribbon.  Find more details HERE on using it (along with a few other tips)!

As a little treat for the day of the program, I'm planning on serving (ha!) animal crackers that I'm going to simply put in a sandwich-sized ziplock baggie and staple a little topper that incorporates my road theme.  Something like this that was shared with me:

More to come on that!  I'll have the poster out with all the vehicles placed at the destination program and make sure to congratulate the kids on a job well done!  As they eat their snack, we'll read the comment cards from the congregation (find them HERE) and most likely have a post-program party complete with a church video and Primary Music Memory HERE.

Then on to my favorite time of year!!  The time where we get to sing whatever we want!!  You can check out all of my after-the-program posts HERE for ideas!

Phew!  Never a dull moment with singing time!!

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