Thursday, September 15, 2016

Road Trip Review - Dynamics Zone

I'm continuing on with my Road Trip Review activity found HERE.  Next up is the "Dynamics Zone" (find my first stop, "Word City" activity HERE).  For this stop, I wanted to incorporate various road signs that had musical markings on them.  Just like driving, music gives us signs and symbols that show us how the music is to be sung.

Here are the various signs I created:

You can download these pages HERE.  Cut them out and before primary, simply hang them around the Road Trip Review poster.  (If you want to go super simple, draw all these in with chalk!).

Then for the activity, sing the songs, focusing on different musical notation areas to help put the feeling into the songs (very similar to my activity HERE).  Unify breathing using slurs and breath marks (only breathing at the end of phrases - follow the conductor!).  Go from soft (piano) to loud (forte) where appropriate and use crescendo and decrescendo to get there - I like to sing the 3rd verse of If I Listen With My Heart softly then louder on the chorus.

Also fun is to bring in a metronome to check the tempo of the song (I'm sure there are LOTS of aps too!).

Anyway, a very simple way to focus on taking the performance of the song to the next level.  Next week 2 weeks will be our "Spiritual Point" stop where we'll be running through our whole program.  Find some of my program helps HERE.

I'm hoping to have a little handout/treat to pass out to all the kids the day of our program that will be road-related somehow.  More to come!

If you are looking for something to do in primary the day of the program, check out my easy and low-prep Primary Music Memory HERE.

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Michelle said...

Thanks for all these great ideas! I am doing the road trip review also. For our treat I am making little cars out of juice boxes and candies. Just google candy cars (or car valentine treats) and you'll see lots of options!