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Friday, September 9, 2016

Primary Program - Invitation

Primaries can send these invites home with their kids to let families know when the program will be (and maybe even a few extras to invite grandparents and any other family/friends that would want to come).  I thought it would even be nice to attach the kids' program parts to the invitation (either put everything in an envelope - Walmart carries some cute colored "social" size envelopes - or just use a paper clip).

There are 2 options...a quarter sheet page and a half sheet page so you can print what fits your  needs...

You can download these documents HERE.  I like to keep my designs for these kinds of items simple - a black and white line drawing - so it can be easily copied at the church library.  And if you'll notice, it's the exact same look as the CD cover I created HERE and it will match the program {I will create soon} - all nice and uniform!

Then before you make copies, fill in the sheets with your ward's primary program information.  Copy, cut and distribute!  Easy - just the way I like it!!


Elizabeth O. said...

Hi Camille,
I just want to say thank you for the time and effort you put into this website. I've used your ideas many, many times in my 15 months of being primary chorister. Next week is my last week as I've been sustained to a new calling. Just curious, how long have you been chorister? You'd leave very big shoes to fill for the next chorister. =)
Elizabeth Oborn

Camille Hill said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Thank you for your comment - it thrills me to know that I've helped other choristers. I've been in this calling for 6 years in my current ward and for the 2 years prior in the other 2 wards we lived in. I won't lie, some days I feel like I'd like a break, but then I remember what else is out there and I figure I'll stay where I am as long as long as they will let me :).

Good luck with your new calling! I'm sure your primary will miss you!