Friday, August 26, 2016

2016 Summer Olympics

A huge thank you to reader Ryan who updated my Summer Primary Olympics (find original post found HERE) with the icons that were found in this year's olympics and the 2016 program songs!  He was gracious enough to share with me so I can share with you - thank you!  Other than the new icons and the new songs, the activity is exactly the same!

Download Ryan's 2016 Summer Olympic documents HERE.

I printed the activities on colored card stock using various Olympic colors (red, yellow, blue, green and black - which I printed on white paper and mounted on black card stock)

Ryan included all of the songs you can print out and have the kids choose which song they want to sing with what activity but I ended up just writing the songs on the back of my printouts with a Sharpie:

Torch Relay - If I Listen With My Heart
Archery - Praise to the Man
Rhythmic Gymnastics - I Will Follow God's Plan
Synchronized Swimming - Beautiful Savior (sign language - if you don't have a sign language song, use my yoga cards HERE if you like)
Kayaking - The Lord Gave Me a Temple
Marathon - Search Ponder and Pray
Volleyball - I Love to See the Temple

I did need one additional Olympic activity to go with our 8 program songs so I added biking:

Download my document HERE.

Biking - Stand for the Right

Simply place all the items on the board and have children choose which activity to do.  Pull it down and sing the song on the back.  For the torch relay, you will need to bring a flashlight and turn the lights off when you sing.

If you like, pass out Olympic gold medals at the end (chocolate gold coins taped onto red yarn):