Friday, July 8, 2016

Pin Moroni on the Temple

I'll be pulling out an oldie-but-goodie to review  I Love to See the Temple (does anyone really need to teach this entire song? We maybe need to brush up on the 2nd verse).  You can find my fun, yet outdated lesson plan HERE with terribly outdated links that don't work anymore so I'd recommend all the information below instead!

To help me update this lesson plan, I enlisted Susan Fitch.  I absolutely love her work and here's what she created for this activity:

Find details over on her blog HERE which includes a free version.  Her Etsy version is HERE (use coupon code CAMILLE for 20%).  Isn't she great?  To Print at Costco, first upload your document to a Costco photo album, then:

1.  Pick "Photo Gifts" tab
2.  Select "collage prints"
3.  Pick the 16x20 or the 20x30 (I picked the 20 x 30 and zoomed in just a tad so it cut off the border on the sides, no big deal)
4.  Vertical
5.  Continue to check out

Looks like you can also just upload it and print as a 16x20 or 20x30 lustre photo too.  The instructions above are the hard way ;).

Then I just printed the Angel Moroni on white card stock on my printer, cut it out and laminated.  I kept with one Moroni so there will be no competition (except against themselves to see if they can get it in the right spot) but play it how you like!

If you are limited on time or resources to have this printed, you have several options: freehand your picture on a poster board like I did on my old post above, or even draw the temple on the chalkboard with chalk.  Any picture of the temple hung on the chalkboard would suffice as well.  Make it as simple as you like!  The kids could even draw and cut out their own Moroni to pin on!  Wouldn't they love that?!

I plan on implementing the activity a bit differently than I've done in the past:

Before a child gets to pin on Moroni, they will need to answer a question.  The answers will all be found in the song.  Here are my questions:

Verse 1:
  • What do I love to see? [the temple]
  • When will I go to the temple? [someday]
  • When will I prepare to go to the temple? [while I am young]
  • Why is it so important that we prepare ourselves? [this is my sacred duty]
  • What two things will I do there? [listen and pray]
  • When I go to the temple someday, what will I feel? [the Holy Spirit]
  • Who's house is the temple? [God's house]
  • What is the temple a place of? [love and beauty]
Verse 2:
  • Because I love to see the temple, where will I go someday? [inside]
  • What two things will I do there? [covenant with my Father, promise to obey]
  • What is a covenant? [sacred promises you make with Heavenly Father]
  • In the first verse the temple is called a "house of God."  What does it call it in this verse? [a holy place]
  • What special blessing will we receive when we go there? [sealed together]
  • As a child of god, I've learned an important truth.  What is it? [a family is forever]
  • What can I do now to prepare to go to the temple? [answers vary]

You can download all these questions HERE.

As the child is pinning on Moroni (feel free to blindfold and gently spin beforehand), the primary will sing the song.  The primary will sing louder as the child is going in the right direction, and softer if they are going in the wrong direction (if I find this doesn't work, I will just omit it).  I'll also make sure to tell the kids that they need to listen to the words as they sing so they can answer the questions correctly to get a turn ;).  And only great singers will get a chance to answer a question.  I'll obviously be less stringent with Junior primary than I will be with Senior primary.

UPDATE:  the loudly/softly didn't work very well for me so I ended up omitting it.  Also, for Jr. I simply picked the best singers (eventually everyone got a turn :), to walk from the back of the room to the temple with Moroni in their hands and pin him on as the primary sang.  They LOVED it, were so reverent and sang their hearts out for a turn!  In between turns, we'd go over some of the questions together as a group.

Hopefully you will be able to review the song over and over again as each child gets a turn to pin Moroni on the temple!

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