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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Getting Ready for Father's Day

I have this dad puzzle HERE that I've used for Daddy's Homecoming (you can simplify this activity by having children choose a piece of paper that has a body part of a dad to draw with chalk instead too - refer to my puzzle for body parts to draw).  The kids all know that song by heart so there really is no sense in reviewing it.  I'd simply have them sing it at the beginning of singing time for a review and call it good.  Then our primary learned We'll Bring the World His Truth a few years ago with my lesson plan HERE so I'd have them review this song using the dad puzzle linked above (but this activity will work with ANY song you choose!)...

On the back of the puzzle, you will need to write 7 different words/phrases that are in your song.  The more times each word appears in your song the better.  These are what I'd pick to put on the backside of the puzzle for We'll Bring the World His Truth:

all the "we/we'll" words in the song
"goodly parents"
"build the kingdom"
"take the gospel"
"lord commands"
"prophet declares"
"study and prayer"

Have the pieces face down on the table and pick a child to come place a puzzle piece on the board.  On the back of the puzzle piece will be words or phrases that they not sing (or you could sing that phrase a little louder than the rest of the song which I would recommend for Junior).  The child places the puzzle piece on the board (or draws the body part with chalk) then the primary sings the song through omitting the phrases/words.  Repeat until the dad puzzle is complete and the song has been sung several times, omitting the various words/phrases.

If you want to challenge the primary (definitely the older kids), once a phrase has been omitted, it won't be sung again so you continue to add on phrases to omit each round, gradually making it more challenging to sing.  If you can't remember the phrases, you can write them next to the puzzle with chalk.  For Junior primary, I'd only omit the one phrase each round unless you think they could do it.  Make sense?

Anyway, good luck this week with singing time!  I'll be traveling through probably lots of your states!  How fun would that be to run into each other - ha!  We'll be going to church in Wooster, Ohio on the 19th of June if anyone wants to come say hi :).

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kathy said...

Hey Camille, I LOVE your ideas. Could you just please scan your individual pieces of your original Dad puzzle and email those to me PLEASE. I have been looking and looking for something else.

Thank you.. kathycoxpalmer@gmail.com