Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Review

I wanted to take this Sunday, Mother's Day, and review all of our program songs we've learned so far with a Mother's Day twist.  I wanted something that had some "mom" props that would reveal which song to sing, but that would also relate to an action as we sing the song - great for movement for the kids to get wiggles out at the same time.  

Then I ran across The Primary Pad's "Mother's Purse" activity HERE and wouldn't ya know, she did all the work for me! So, for this Sunday, I'm taking a {Mothers} Day off from planning and totally using this great lesson plan!  Thanks Sheree!!

I did change the screw driver action - since we learned Beautiful Savior using ASL, I wrote "sing using sign with your hands."  Then I didn't use the jump rope or the keys (there are 10 tags and I only had 8 verses from our 4 program songs).  On the backside of each tag, I wrote a song and what verse.

I'll be starting Praise to the Man next week.  You can check out my posts when I taught it the last time HERE.  However, I've come across SEVERAL fabulous ideas that I think I'll be incorporating so stay tuned!


Sheree Peterson said...

Thanks for the shout out Camille. I used SOOOO much of your cute stuff. I'm glad I had something to give back. Love your blog and all your great ideas. THANK YOU!

Mommy Dunn said...

Thank you for this! (you and Sheree). This is perfect and so easy! Happy Mother's Day to all of us :)