Thursday, May 26, 2016

April Showers Bring May Flowers Review

Kelli posted this awesome review idea a few weeks ago called "April Showers Bring May Flowers" HERE that I am totally using this week!  It can easily take up the whole time for a 5th Sunday if you have that option.  It also would be super easy to pass off to a substitute for this holiday weekend ;)!

If you are short on supplies, print or draw everything on white paper and color.

You can download as many of the components that you like HERE.  I printed 3 stems on green card stock.

I printed 5 petals/drops on pink card stock, 5 petals/drops on purple card stock, 5 petals/drops on orange card stock and 15 petals/rain drops on blue card stock. So 15 colored petals and 15 blue rain drops.  The pink/purple/orange petals/raindrops go on the back side of the blue petals/raindrops.

I printed 1 page of these 3 yellow centers.

After I cut everything out, I glued the blue raindrops back to back to the colored petals (I ended up trimming off some of the color from the other side - not sure if these are totally symmetrical or I just can't cut straight!) then laminated everything.  I plan on using these every year or so, so it was worth it to me to make these reusable (just year at this time, this work will all be done!!).  After laminating, I cut out everything again.

Then I took a dry erase marker and wrote out all the songs for our primary program with all the verses on separate petals.  It came to 10 petals (so you could just have your primary put together the 2 flowers if you want to stop there).  Since I have 15 petals to use, I added 5 wiggle songs.  This would be a GREAT way to slip in your Father's Day song to review if you need ;).  For a few of the program songs I added a fun way to sing the song - face backwards, stand on your chairs, girls only, boys only, etc.  Just so the kids don't get bored with just singing the songs.  For the wiggle songs, I picked the following that had actions:

Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
Popcorn Popping
I Hope they Call Me on a Mission (the kids stand and walk in place)
The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
Daddy's Homecoming

Before primary, you will need to set up the chalk board like I have pictured above (I'll tape them all to the board), only all the petals will reveal only the blue side and set like falling like rain drops, hiding the colored petal sides with the songs.  You can also write "April Showers Bring May Flowers" across the top of the board with chalk.

For the activity, simply call on a child to come up and turn over a rain drop to reveal the petal side with the song to sing.  The child can place the petal on the stem and then the primary sings the song.

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