Thursday, April 14, 2016

Beautiful Savior 1st & 2nd Verses

I will be teaching Beautiful Savior this month using simplified ASL and this week we'll be focusing on the 1st and 2nd verses.  You can find my post HERE with all the details.

If you will be teaching another song this month, you can check out my suggestion list HERE or my Song Index HERE.  Hopefully I've got something to help you!

I also created a flip chart for this song that you can download HERE.  I may be using the flip chart pages as I introduce each of the signs.  As we discuss each sign, I'll post each page on the chalkboard with a magnet.

At the beginning of the year, I used this same flip chart as a video flip chart.  You can access the video flip chart HERE.

Find my lesson plan to teach the 3rd verse HERE.  Find my handbell chart to the descant HERE.

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Laura said...

Yes please to the bell chart!!