Friday, April 22, 2016

Beautiful Savior - Descant with Handbells

I've created a bell chart for the descant to Beautiful Savior (find my lesson plan for teaching this song HERE).  The handbells are a great way to review and/or perform any song!

Download my chart HERE (if you find any mistakes, PLEASE let me know!!).  You can see how I use handbells in primary HERE.


Britt Family said...

I recently got called to Primary Music Leader and love the idea of incorporating the handbells. As I am not familiar with them, is their a set you recommend for purchase? Also, is the use of the handbells appropriate for use in the Children's Program in Sacrament meeting? This is all new to me, but I love having so many wonderful blogs to pull ideas from. Thanks so much!

East Midvale PTA said...

Hi Britt!

If you click on that last link in the post for how I use handbells in primary, that should answer all of your questions. After reading that, and if you still have questions, please let me know!


Julia said...

Thank you for creating this chart, it is such a huge help! The only error I noticed was in the last line - the songbook says "Give glory ever more! Evermore!" You have the correct notes, but your words are different. You wrote "Give praise and glory ever more! Evermore!" Since the notes are correct, it isn't a big deal for me, but I thought you would want to know. Thanks again!

Camille Hill said...

Hi Julia!

I really appreciate you letting me know about the typo. I've corrected it. Thanks again!