Friday, March 18, 2016

General Conference Singing Time - Updated

With General Conference approaching, I've been trying to find updates, or update items myself, to be able to incorporate the 3 new apostles that were sustained last General Conference.  You can find all of my General Conference singing time lesson plans HERE (scroll through them all) that incorporate all of the below items.

Here's an updated General Conference singo sheet I created.  See details for using it HERE.

Download the card HERE.  It prints as a 4x6 picture that you can take to any photo lab and have printed.  I've triple checked for mistakes but that still doesn't always ensure accuracy so PLEASE let me know if anything is incorrect!!!

I like to teach the current apostles using a song called The Living Prophets.  Find my lesson plan HERE for teaching it.  But I can't find any downloadable music that incorporates the 3 new apostles.  I did find a YouTube video HERE that is nice, however, it doesn't contain the First Presidency which I don't really love.  Instead, this picture below was posted on the Chorister's FB group and I think it's really fabulous!  I just wish there were a nice PDF version of the music to download - does anyone have that musical ability that you could share with all of us??

UPDATE:  Thanks to reader, Diana, you can download a PDF version HERE similar to the information below.  However, when I went to print it, it wasn't printed correctly (maybe it's just my computer) so I updated it so it would print for me.  Find my version HERE.

I also ordered 3 new apostle pictures from  They are temporarily out of stock but will ship as soon as they become available.  See more details HERE.

As for my information cards on the prophet and apostles, I found these cards from the Friend:

Download them from the Friend HERE.

UPDATE: They've shipped out so I'll have them in time for General Conference Sunday and singing time the week after!

I LOVE incorporating General Conference into singing time!  With the catchy tunes, the kiddos will have all their names and faces memorized in no time!!


MelAnie said...

Would you be willing to email me the sheet music I can't get it all to print off the sides are cut off/ I would like it for the pianist. and me too haha you could also message me on facebook too I love this idea.

Camille Hill said...

Hi MelAnie,

I apologize if the post isn't clear but I don't have sheet music to email. I wish I did! What you see above is all I have. If someone sends me something, I'll update the post. Sorry I'm not more help.


Diana Taylor said...

I am excited to teach this to my primary. I made a PDF version with the Names typed in I would be happy to share it with you just not sure how to send it to you. :)

Diana Taylor said...

Here is the link on googledrive.

Camille Hill said...

Thank you SO much Diana! I've updated my post to include the link so hopefully everyone can find it! I really appreciate you sharing!


KatrinaW said...

Thanks for this idea, Camille! I did this lesson plan exactly today, and we had a great time. The Latter-day Prophets song took a little longer, since I had to teach them the actions, but it was really fun and I could see the kids were learning it. Now it's prepped and ready to go as a wiggle song! :D And the Sing-O with living prophets went great as well. Best of all, I've learned the names of all these important men myself!