Thursday, March 24, 2016


This Sunday I'll be using my lesson plan I created last year that I didn't get to.  It's from last year's Friend, called Getting Ready for Easter.  Find it HERE.

If you used it last year, there is another great lesson plan in the Friend this year found HERE!  It's entitled One Step Closer to Easter.  It doesn't require any printing and would be really simple to implement in primary - in fact, take it one step further and combine with sharing time as this will definitely take more than 20 minutes if you plan to do it all!  It would be a really beautiful lesson!

Read each of the scriptures (I'd suggest paraphrasing for Jr. but definitely have Sr. read them from the scriptures), sing the songs and do the suggested activities.  For week 1, I'd suggest passing out pre-made little "palm leaves" and waving them while you sing the song, Easter Hosanna.  For week 2, make the list on the chalkboard and probably switch the song to a primary song on the sacrament instead of the hymn.  For week 3 use the GAB pictures I have suggested HERE when you sing He Sent His Son, and for week 4, pull out the suggested items in a pre-filled bag.

And definitely post the words to all of these songs when you sing them so you aren't up singing a solo (or even go one step further and play the songs on cd).  Find details on how I post words HERE.  For Jr. primary and singing unfamiliar songs, pull out rhythm sticks or egg shakers so they can tap the rhythm or have them listen for certain words or count on their fingers (or stand then sit) how many times it's sung.  I also like to come up with simple actions and they will always follow me.  Don't be afraid to expose unfamiliar songs to all of the primary kids!

I absolutely LOVE pulling in resources from the Friend into primary!!  I wish I could do it more!!

If instead you will be preparing for General Conference, find all my my lesson plans HERE.  I'll do this the week after we get back!

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