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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter Musical Number Review Options

If you have completely different musical numbers planned for Easter Sunday than what I have below and need to review them this week, I'd suggest my Easter Review activity found HERE as it will work with any song.

I ended up using this lesson I have posted below last week because our area will be attending the Provo City Center Temple Dedication.  But if you still have regular meetings, here's how we prepped for our 2 musical numbers we will be performing Easter Sunday using the handbells:

We reviewed If I Listen With My Heart using the descant handbells music found HERE.  This will be one of our songs for Easter sacrament meeting.  I chose it knowing we'd have no block meetings the Sunday before Easter, it talks about the Savior, we've been learning it since January and it was a great way to work on perfecting it even more!

I ended up not pulling out the bells in Jr. Primary with this song.  It was just too chaotic doing both songs, interchanging which bells were to be used, etc.  So we simply reviewed this song at the beginning of singing time and at the end, only using the bells on Hosanna for the rest of the time.  Sr. Primary however, did great with both songs using the handbells.

Then our other musical number is my annual Easter favorite - Hosanna.  Find my lesson plan HERE.  We will be performing this song in sacrament meeting using the handbells.

If you need tips on using handbells in primary, see my post HERE.

Next week will be my "Getting Ready for Easter" activity found HERE.

Then after Conference, will be my General Conference activity found HERE (fingers crossed my pictures I ordered - details HERE - come in time.  Stay tuned because I am going to try and get the General Conference Singo sheet found HERE all updated with the 3 new apostles BEFORE conference in case you plan on using this before General Conference.

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