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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Name that Primary Song About Love

Another repeat this week...

Find my activity HERE.

This is how I like to squeeze in other songs into singing time that are not part of this year's program!  I take a week each month to sing songs that correlate with the current season, upcoming event (such as General Conference) or holidays (like this month for Valentine's Day!).

If you made the little heart sticks for January's singing time (found HERE), this would be another fun way to incorporate them into your lesson instead of using the handbells for Jr. primary.

I've done this activity going on 9 years now and I've never had a child complain!

LOVE it {pun intended}!


Steph said...

Did this today and it was such a hit. Everyone was switched on and so into it - even the teachers! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

I just got called to be our ward Primary Chorister and I did this last week and the kids (and teachers) LOVED it! Thanks so much!! Except.... no one (including myself) in Junior Primary knew Teacher Do You Love Me and I felt like a complete fool because I got totally lost despite my flip chart. The piano basically played a solo for that one - hahah! Quickly removed that one from the list for Senior Primary ;)