Thursday, February 4, 2016

I Will Follow God's Plan

My primary (definitely Senior primary!) pretty much knows this song as I taught it several years ago HERE so it will be more of a review this month.  Which I am totally okay with after teaching last month's lengthy new song.

As an attention getter, I'm going to use what is suggested in A Children's Songbook Companion (get more information on this book HERE).
  • Show a wrapped gift (I have a decorative box with a lid).
  • Inside this box is a most precious gift.  All the money in the world can't buy it, yet we each have one.  Listen as I sing (or you and the teachers sing - which is what I usually do - or listen on CD), and discover what this precious gift is. [My life]
  • Open the box and show a paper that reads "my life" found HERE (I taped the document to the bottom of the box so I can show the box to the primary).  Point out that our lives are precious gifts from Heavenly Father.
For this activity, you will need pictures that represent phrases/words found in the song.  I'd recommend using the images that were created and shared by Emily on the Chorister's FB group HERE.  I put them all into a PDF document for easy printing HERE.  I printed each of mine on white card stock and placed in sheet protectors.  UPDATE: I just stumbled across a post at The Primary Pad HERE that has some AMAZING images to use for this activity as well!  I noticed she incorporated a few of Emily's artwork!

**Those of you with different languages, I deleted the word "COME" from this document HERE so you can write in your own language (or leave it blank).**

Pass out each of the pictures to a child.  While you and the teachers sing (or play the song on CD), have the children with the pictures try to put the pictures in order.  The kids can either place the pictures at the front of the primary room on a chalkboard with a magnet, or they can come to the front and hold their picture as they try to get in order, or you can make a circle with the children and they can move around as they try to stand in order in the circle or you can touch children's heads and they can go pick the next picture and place it on the chalkboard.  Decide what method will work best for your primary.  If every child won't get a turn to hold a picture this time, they will have a chance to as you proceed with the lesson.

Once the pictures are in order (or close to being in order), review their order by singing the song and pointing to each of the pictures.  Stop where there are mistakes, put the right pictures and/or children in order and repeat until all the pictures/children are in order.

Children can then sit down and trade their picture with (or give to) a neighbor.

You will then be categorizing the images as Sharla Dance has suggested HERE.  I will simply write on the top of the chalkboard the 3 categories that the pictures fall under:  "My Life" "My Choice" and "I Will."  Sing through the song and have the kids decide which category their picture falls under.   Have the kids place the correct picture, in order, under each category using a magnet or tape.  Quickly discuss each picture and it's category as the pictures are placed on the chalkboard using these discussion questions:

  • Where did my life begin? [in heaven]
  • What was my choice? [to come to this lovely home on earth]
  • For what will I seek? [For God's light to direct me from birth]
  • What can I follow? [God's Plan for me]
  • What two things will I hold fast? [His word and his love]  Explain that to hold fast means to hold on tightly
  • I will work and I will pray, and where will I always walk? [In his way]
  • Then how will I feel on earth and in my  home above? [Happy]
Sing through the song one more time with pictures on the chalkboard.  You can also play "What's Missing" with this lesson plan.  Have all the pictures on the chalkboard or spread out on the floor with the children circling them.  Choose a child to go out into the hall and remove a picture.  The child comes back and tries to figure out what picture is missing.  The other children can also not sing that word/phrase to help.  Once discovered, repeat with a new child and a new picture.

Bear testimony that our lives are a gift from Heavenly Father and each one has a plan and a purpose.  By following that plan, we will be happy here on earth and in heaven.

Download my To-Go Lesson plan HERE.

To review this song later this month, I will also be pulling out my game board.  Find details on that HERE.

Next week will be my annual "Name that Primary Song about Love" to celebrate Valentine's Day!  Find that activity HERE.


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Hello! I was asked to substitute for my Primary chorister this week. As I've prepared your blog has been such a motivation to me, not just for this coming Sunday but for the music in my home in general. Your format is so organized and easy to navigate, and your activities are far more do-able than other blogs I've looked at (for my non-crafty self) that I just love looking at all of your contributions. I appreciate your ideas and am so impressed that you've ASKED for this calling in the wards you work in, but I can feel how your love for music and the sharing of your testimony through that music can motivate you to want to continue. I am blessed by your sharing! Thank you most sincerely ;)

Camille Hill said...

Hi Cami!

Thank you for your sincere comment. I'm flattered you appreciate my "simple" approach as I really try to keep things that way.


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