Sunday, December 20, 2015

Reverence Tag

Our stake recently switched our meetings around.  We now have Sacrament meeting first (hallelujah!) and primary and the other meetings the 2nd and 3rd hour.  I've found that the first 10 minutes while we wait for everyone to get seated, there is lots of chatter as the pianist plays the prelude.  I mentioned this to my great friend Karie and she said she played "Reverence Tag" in her primary during the prelude.  What a fabulous idea!

So I emailed Susan Fitch and asked if she wouldn't mind making some simple tags with her cute reverent children.  And since Susan's so great, she got right on it!  And just in time for January which will be a PERFECT time to implement it, especially with all those new Sunbeams!

So find the tags and instructions on how to use them over on Susan's blog HERE.  I printed mine on white card stock, cut out and laminated!

Thanks again, Susan!  Primary just wouldn't be the same without your work!


Becca Curzon said...

Can you explain how to play "reverance tag"?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Becca, the instructions are all on Susan Fitch's website which is linked above 😀. Hope that helps!


vocalise said...

Thank You!