Monday, November 30, 2015

When Joseph Went to Bethlehem

We breezed through Picture a Christmas (find my lesson plan HERE)!  So much so that I'm not going to review it again this week.  I decided to throw another Christmas song in to the mix - and why not?  We won't be performing When Joseph Went to Bethlehem in Sacrament Meeting but that's alright, the more Christmas songs we sing, the better!

To teach this song, I'll be using the simple hand motions with scarves found on sugardoodle HERE (scroll down past the links).  I've typed up the actions HERE so you can simply download, print and take it with you :).  But I'd HIGHLY suggest learning all these hand motions before primary!  It will be pretty difficult to try to figure them all out as you teach!

These are my scarves (I bought them when I taught The Holy Ghost HERE):
I bought them on Amazon here:

The kids LOVE the scarves!  In my opinion, they are such a versatile item to have for your primary!  Especially for teaching primary songs!  If your primary has room in their budget, I'd suggest getting some.

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Laura Collett said...

Hi Camille, I check your blog every week! Thanks for all the help. Does each kid get a scarf or just you as you're teaching the song?