Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Autumntime & Autumn Day

Looking for one last fall singing time before delving into Christmas music?  Try this easy activity for learning these 2 fall songs (probably best suited for Junior primary)...

I was at our local storytime when they passed out these leaves to all the kids:
(sorry for the crazy library carpet background!)

I knew they would work well with a few of our fall primary songs, It's Autumntime and/or Autumn Day.  The leaves are really simple to prepare - laminated leaf die-cuts with a hole punched into them and about a 8 inch string attached.

When we used them in storytime, each child got a leaf and held it by the string up high (while standing).  As we sung, the leaves started falling downward, in a back-and-forth motion.  We ended with the leaves resting on the ground.  The kids LOVED it!  What a great fall wiggle song!

To learn the words of the songs, you can have the kids mimic the actions while you sing, or while they listen to the songs on CD.  The next time sing each phrase to them while they echo it back while still mimicking your motions.  The last time, have them sing along with you.

Also ask questions as you sing each phrase:

For It's Autumntime:
vs. 1
  • How many times did I sing "It's Autumntime?" [4]
  • Where are the leaves falling? [down]
  • Where is autumn all around? [the town]

vs. 2
  • What color of leaves are mentioned? [yellow, red and brown]
  • What can be found? [bright colors]
  • This is such a beautiful time of year.  The things that make it so beautiful are the colorful autumn leaves falling.
For Autumn Day:
  • Who should we not forget? [God, who gives]
  • Each child should be happy with all that lives.  The song doesn't use the word happy.  What word do you hear? [glad]
  • What does God give us when autumn comes our way? [richest gifts]
  • If we look on every side, what will we see? [pleasant things for you and me]
  • We sing six words that describe the apples.  What words do you hear? [red, yellow, round, juicy, sweet, mellow]
  • Round, juicy apples load the trees until the trees do what? [bend over and their branches brush the clover - which is a type of green grass]

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Tifany said...

We do the same thing! I also do the "Rain Is Falling All Around" song substituting "leaves" for rain. Nursery kids especially love these songs/leaves. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!!