Monday, November 23, 2015

It's Autumntime & Autumn Day

Looking for one last fall singing time before delving into Christmas music?  Try this easy activity for learning these 2 fall songs...

I was at our local storytime when they passed out these leaves to all the kids which is where I got this idea from:

I knew they would work well with a few of our fall primary songs, It's Autumntime and/or Autumn Day.  The leaves are really simple to prepare - laminated leaf die-cuts with a hole punched into them and about a 8 inch string attached.

When we used them in storytime, each child got a leaf and held it by the string up high (while standing).  As we sung, the leaves started falling downward, in a back-and-forth motion.  We ended with the leaves resting on the ground.  The kids LOVED it!  What a great fall wiggle song!

To learn the words of the songs, you can do the following:

o   Write the words on the chalkboard before primary.  As you and the primary come up with actions, erase phrases as actions are learned.

o   Repeat having the kids mimic the actions while you sing, or while they listen to the songs on CD.

o   Sing each phrase to them while they echo it back while still mimicking your motions.  Then put it all together without the echoing.

o   Also ask questions as you sing each phrase:

For It's Autumntime:
vs. 1
  • How many times did I sing "It's Autumntime?" [4]
  • Where are the leaves falling? [down]
  • Where is autumn all around? [the town]

vs. 2
  • What color of leaves are mentioned? [yellow, red and brown]
  • What can be found? [bright colors]
  • This is such a beautiful time of year.  The things that make it so beautiful are the colorful autumn leaves falling.
For Autumn Day:
  • Who should we not forget? [God, who gives]
  • Each child should be happy with all that lives.  The song doesn't use the word happy.  What word do you hear? [glad]
  • What does God give us when autumn comes our way? [richest gifts]
  • If we look on every side, what will we see? [pleasant things for you and me]
  • We sing six words that describe the apples.  What words do you hear? [red, yellow, round, juicy, sweet, mellow]
  • Round, juicy apples load the trees until the trees do what? [bend over and their branches brush the clover - which is a type of green grass]
Download my To-Go Lesson Plan HERE which includes all of the above information.

**This could also be a fun activity to incorporate into Nursery!


Tifany said...

We do the same thing! I also do the "Rain Is Falling All Around" song substituting "leaves" for rain. Nursery kids especially love these songs/leaves. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!!

Kristina Bills said...

I LOVE this! You said you do this with Jr. Do you not do it with Senior then? Or have you tried it and it wasn't bad?

Jamie Schoonmaker said...

I m having trouble loading the to-go lesson plan. It is down loading I will follow gods plan great lesson plan.. but not the Autumn song..

can you help?

thank Jamie

Camille Hill said...

Hi Jamie,

Sorry about that - I had the wrong link. I've corrected it. Thank you for letting me know!


Camille Hill said...

Hi Kristina,

I ended up doing it with both primaries and both of them loved it! I need to update the post.


Jenni Call said...

As a brand new Primary chorister, your blog is a blessing! Thank you for posting your hard work!