Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Know the Scriptures are True Bulletin Board

I'm almost finished with our primary bulletin board for 2016!  I just need to snag a few more pictures of kiddos who weren't at church on Sunday (hence the hole near the bottom)!

I turned each of the kiddos into a scripture hero that doubles as our birthday gift (details on that HERE):
I had 2 copies made of each child - one for the birthday bookmarks and the other for the bulletin board which I simply cut around the black square.

I took all of the children's pictures - head shots - just outside of our church building (it makes for better lighting than what the yellow church lights produce!).

I also asked them who their favorite scripture hero was and jotted it down.  If the kids didn't have one, I made their card look like this (mostly the little kids):

For the scripture hero clip art, It's from one of my favorites...Susan Fitch of course!!  You can find details about this artwork HERE or buy it from her Etsy shop HERE.

You can download the documents to create the bulletin board header and footer HERE.
I printed this on regular white printer paper.  Then I cut around the squares and mounted them on black card stock squares to help make them pop.

I also printed this on regular white printer paper then just cut around the letters - kind of bubbly :).

If you'd like to see the one I did last year for more ideas, you can find it HERE.  I'd love to know what your primary is doing for your 2016 bulletin board!!  Leave a comment with your ideas!

I'm also using these photos for our 2016 birthday gift!  Great way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!  Find details .


Claudia Harris said...

That is such a wonderful idea! What program did you use to edit the pictures? I would like to try it for our primary. Thanks!

Lisa Larson said...

This is a wonderful idea. Can I ask you how you did pictures (and the bookmarks)? Thanks!

Camille Hill said...

For all my documents I create, I use a simple program called My Memories Suite. It's a scrapbooking software - probably a watered down (and MUCH cheaper) version of Photoshop. I like it as it does what I need...

For this project I simply insert photos, add text, the armor clip art, move them around how I want, save them as a JPEG file and upload them to Costco for printing!

I hope that answers your questions!!


Lisa Larson said...

Thank you! Love this idea!

MFTFTO said...

Just curios what your budget is and how much this costs you?

Camille Hill said...


I don't really have a budget - it's coming out of the primary budget but I figure it shouldn't cost too much. Each picture will be .14 cents (we have about 50 kids so that will be around $7.00. Then I just have some butcher paper for the back, a couple bucks - probably around $10.00 I'd say. I'll print the header at home and I have a simple boarder already that I can reuse.

I hope that answers your question!


Kaylee Trane said...

Thanks so much for this idea. I totally used it for our primary room! It turned out great! Thanks again.

Camille Hill said...

I'm glad it turned out Kaylee! I'd love a picture to add to the post if you would share it!