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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Singing Missionaries

I'm resurrecting an old lesson plan I've done twice now (originally posted HERE)!  It fits so great with this month's sharing time theme "The Mission of the Church Is to Invite All to Come unto Christ."  On my original schedule, I was going to do my Hinges for Halloween activity HERE but I'm simply going to bump it to next week!  My pianist said she's okay with that ;).

I've arranged for the Missionaries to come to primary (any guest would work or you could easily ask the questions as well).  When they arrive, I'll give them my sheet which has instructions and the questions/answers on it...
Download the document HERE.  I printed 3 copies - one for me and each Elder.

I own several mini songbooks that I will bring...

And our primary also has 4 or 5 regular-size books in the closet, as does the library.  I will be bringing them all in.  Now, if you don't have access to a lot of songbooks, no problem...keep reading!

I'll divide the primary into enough groups as I have songbooks for (only Sr. primary will be using the songbooks - more to come on Jr. below).

I'll introduce Misisonaries and tell the kids that they have come to see how much we know about the gospel. When the missionaries ask a question, the groups can flip through the songbook to find an answer to the question.  Answers obviously will vary with what is on the list above but it's good for reference.  We'll sing the song to the Missionaries using the books if they want and the Misisonaries will in turn complement us on how well we know the gospel, etc.

We'll repeat until we've answered all the questions through song.

Now, for Junior (this will work too if you don't have multiple songbooks) I am planning on posting all the song answers on the chalkboard, out of order and using magnets (also no small groups). The kids can then choose which song they think fits best with the question.  I'll have the kids who can read (or even myself) help read out various answers.  Then I'll make sure to post the words to all the songs (if you're not sure how I do that, reference the tab at the top entitled "Posting Words").

I created this document which has all the answers to the questions to post on the board...

Download it HERE.  Cut each song out and and mount on various colored paper or card stock if you like.  When an answer is chosen, remove it from the chalkboard.

In the past, I have done a Pin-the-Tie-on-the-Missionary which is also really fun if you'd rather do that in Jr. primary.  Details for that are also at the link at the top of this post.

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