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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hinges for Halloween!

I decided to bump my Halloween activity to this Sunday and I think it will be a good call...the kids will be so hyped up on candy and lack of sleep that it will probably be a pretty crazy day!  This is a great activity for kids to get all their wiggles out and to potentially learn a new primary song as they will be singing it a million times over!

I did it last year and it was a total hit with both the Senior and Junior primaries!  And my little guy folded right up and is still good as new!  I LOVE pulling out previous year's work!!  Find details HERE.

I just had to share this wonderful comment from Anne..."Heavenly Father gave us amazing, beautiful bodies that can do so many things...you can see Heavenly Father's hand in every minute detail of both living and non-living things."  What a great way to incorporate a little spiritual thought into your singing time!!

And stay tuned...I'm almost ready to post my November singing time schedule!!

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