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Saturday, October 17, 2015

After-the-Program - So Now What?

You've completed (or just about!) your program and the hard part is over for the year, right?  Then you begin to panick - what am I supposed to teach now??  I've got 3 months of empty singing times to fill until program songs are to be taught again - 3 months!

Don't fret, those 3 months will speed by, I promise!  This is my FAVORITE time of the year in singing time!!  I love to take any time in October and do completely random things.  I'll teach an oldie-but-goodie like Oh What Do You Do In the Summertime? found HERE.  Even though it's not summer, you can make up lyrics that cover all 4 seasons!  Have the kids help you.

October's Sharing Time is also all about missionary work.  I've got a great missionary themed singing time HERE that is very easy to implement and you can invite the Missionaries to help if you like!  They'd be more than thrilled!

I had plans to do my Hinges for Halloween found HERE the last Sunday in October...
but I may hold off and use that the following Sunday since Halloween falls that next weekend (even though it will be a day late).  Then I think I'll pull out this missionary lesson plan the last Sunday in October.

For my first Sunday right after the program, we'll be playing Primary Program Memory HERE.  It's a very laid back activity, great for program Sunday!  Lots of movement songs.
Once I get through October, I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do songs on thanks for the entire month of November!  There are so many songs in the songbook on thanks and I don't like the thought of skipping over Thanksgiving and delving right into Christmas - Christmas has its own month!

I have TONS of lesson plans for November:

I Am Glad for Many Things...

Thanksgiving Rounds...

Thanksgiving Sing-A-Story (my ultimate favorite which is SO easy for a Thanksgiving holiday weekend!!)...

Children All Over the World...

And more!  Find all these Thanksgiving lesson plans HERE!

Then December is all things Christmas.  For me, one month is plenty of time to learn 1 or 2 songs to sing in Sacrament Meeting for Christmas!  Find all my  Christmas lesson plans HERE.

And there you have it - more than 3 months worth of lesson plans that will carry you right in to January when we delve into 2016 program songs!  Whew!!

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Michelle said...

Thanks for the fun ideas! I love the variety of songs we can sing at the end of the year. :)