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Friday, August 14, 2015

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus - BELLS

Since we have 5 weeks in August I thought I'd take a week and review Tell Me the Stories of Jesus using the handbells.  We will also be using them in our sacrament meeting program when we perform this song.

See how I use handbells in primary HERE.

The bells will be playing the chords instead of the melody or descant/obbligato.  So 3 bells (to create a chord) will play at a time.  If you look at the chart, each row is played simultaneously.  I've noted the word (or partial word) that is sung when that particular chord is to be played for each verse.  I'd say the only really tricky part is on page 4, the 2nd and 3rd notes.  there are 2 chords for the one-syllable words there so watch that.

You can download my bell chart HERE.

Now, I am prone to the occasional mistake so if you find any (I will be completely mortified) please let me know!!  Or if you have any questions.


Michelle said...

I love using hand bells in my Singing Time, too! I hadn't thought of using them in the program. How many children total do you have, and how many play during the program? Thanks. :)

Michelle said...
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Camille Hill said...

Hi Michelle!

I roughly have 50 kids in our primary. For the program, I always pick the 2nd to oldest class to play the bells. So every year it rotates and everyone eventually gets a turn to play the bells in the program. I hope that answers your question!


Michelle said...