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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Stump the Primary & Nursery Bag Singing Time

When I need a simple singing time lesson to hand over to a substitute (like this week!), I usually reach for this activity for Senior primary.  You can find details HERE.  It's simple to implement and really requires no prep!  And besides that, it's our last week before we delve into program songs for the next SEVERAL weeks so we need a break!

Then for Junior primary (Senior primary also loves these - FYI!), I have my substitute go over all the songs in my nursery bag (details found HERE)!  Those kiddos love to reminisce about their good old nursery days when I pull the nursery bag out!
If I don't have quite enough props for all the kids, I'll rotate and we'll sing each song through twice.

Do you also find it difficult to find a substitute for this calling?  Sheesh!


ShanBakes said...

Yes, everyone is so scared to do singing time!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Hee, I think a lot of people find this calling intimidating. I have a couple of great subs I can call, but only a couple.

The Pyfer Party said...

I have two subs that love to help out but one was just called to be the YW President so I am down to 1! If she isn't available there is no one. I have often wondered if they would let me do a fun 'class' to show people it isn't so scary? :)