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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Singing Time Target Dollar Section Finds!

If you saw my July 2015 Singing Time Schedule (find it HERE) you'll notice I wanted to review our program songs using glow sticks.  My great friend Karie (and fellow chorister too!!) said that she found 15 glowsticks for $1.00 at Target in the dollar section.  So I went to check it out today and sure enough:
I bought 4 packages for our primary of about 60 kids and then 2 more for our family's firework party this weekend :).

Then as I was continuing to browse (I just can't help myself when I'm there!) I came across these large foam dice...

The large dice are SO fun to use in any activity where dice are used!  My primary LOVES when we play Doubles (found HERE).  I purchased mine from Oriental Trading a few years ago HERE.
So I'd maybe suggest running to Target to see if you can snag a few!  If you are an Amazon Prime member or can get free shipping or an order of $35.00 or more, these are a better deal there, but you do have to buy a set of 12:

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