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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cut-The-Egg-Hair Review

We'll be cutting the hair (FINALLY!) on these eggs for our review this week...
If you haven't been growing egg hair for the last 2 weeks and need a review activity, find my list of simple review activities found HERE.  If you want to find my lesson plan on Faith where we grew them, find it HERE.

I've been growing these for ALMOST 2 weeks...
They are awesome, but if I'm being honest, I'll be glad to get them off my counter!!   I'm tired of watering them and looking at them!  But aren't they HUGE?  Crazy!  When I brought them to church last week with my lesson, the whole primary (teachers and all) couldn't believe it - they even accused me of "cheating" and bringing in ones I planted weeks before!  Nope - these are it!

Okay, so here's how my lesson plan will run with them:

I will be reviewing our January - May program songs, but you could review any or just one song with this activity.

As we are singing each song, I will have our pianist randomly stop playing.  We'll all stop singing and I'll draw a child's name using my Choosing Sticks (find those HERE if you like).  The child drawn will need to tell me the next word/phrase in the song.  If they are correct, I'll let that child come pick an egg, cut it's hair as they see fit (I'll be bringing a big Rubbermaid tub to hold all the "hair" clippings!) and draw a face on the egg using the colored Sharpie markers.  They will also write their name on a paper cup and put their egg in it (I'll keep all the eggs until after church where they can come find me to take it home if they want).  To keep things moving, we'll probably only stop singing while the child cuts the hair so we can watch.  Then as they are drawing on the face, the primary will continue on.  I have 3 kitchen sheers (mine are from Costco, as are the Sharpie markers) so I can have up to 3 kids at a time up front so every child will hopefully be able to get a turn.

For Junior primary, depending on the age of the child, I (or their teacher) will most likely be doing all of the drawing (I'll just ask them how they'd like their egg to look), then let them cut the hair with supervision.  And when I choose a child to guess the phrase, we'll have the primary help out as much as possible for the answer.  We're real lenient in Junior :).


sws said...

Amazing! Your dedication is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.

sws said...

Amazing! Your dedication is inspiring. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.