Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ

I'm finally ready to begin teaching The Church of Jesus Christ.  I'm going to be using my lesson plan and visuals from several years ago found HERE which is a simple treasure hunt.
In addition to this lesson plan, I will be including the following:

Before primary, hide all the treasure hunt items as indicated in the link above.  Also, hang on the chalkboard the "My Testimony" page, along with all the flip chart pictures from Susan Fitch found HERE around it.  I cut out the green circles (omitting all the words) and laminated them.

As an attention getter, this year's 2015 Sharing Time Outline has some great suggestions under "Helps for the music leader" on page 9 (found HERE along with other simple teaching tips!).  I will use the first bullet point to introduce the song:
  • "Ask the children to stand if they belong to a family. Repeat for other groups they might belong to, such as a team, a club, and a church. Let the children explain what belonging means (that you are an important part of something). Introduce the song by showing a picture of Jesus Christ and having the children read together Doctrine and Covenants 115:4."
Then to introduce each phrase of the song (as is also suggested in the outline) I will incorporate the treasure hunt.  Once each clue/phrase is found throughout the building (or primary room if that works better for your primary), the clue will be placed over the picture it corresponds to.  So the first clue/phrase "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ," will be placed over the first picture of all the kids standing outside the church building (see the first picture posted above).  Then we'll sing that line and hum to the end of the song.  We'll repeat, adding additional phrases as they are found and humming to the end of the song, gradually singing the entire song.

You can find my quick reference guide HERE so you know where to place everything and the simple activity.

Next week I'm considering teaching the 2nd verse to this song (NOT FOUND IN THE SONGBOOK so it will need to be approved by your bishop and it's not really a 2nd verse but more like the song A Child's Prayer where the 2nd verse is a totally different melody that can be sung at the same time as the first verse).  If you want to check out the words, I've got it posted on my "Posting Words" tab HERE under The Church of Jesus Christ and it's the 2nd page of that document.  You can also listen to the music here:

Anyway, in January, I purchased Janice Kapp Perry's Beloved Double Melodies CD (find it HERE) which contains the song The Church of Jesus Christ.  Included with the CD is a PDF songbook.

Find my lesson plan for teaching the 2nd verse HERE.


Katie said...

Is there anyway to still find the lesson that you had the link to from the church website? It is gone now..🥺😥

Camille said...

Hi Katie!

I updated the link so it points to the correct place now. Thank you for letting me know!