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Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ - 2nd Verse!

If you remember, there is no 2nd verse in the Children's Songbook for  the song, The Church of Jesus Christ.  But I've landed on the 2nd verse that was written by the same author, Janice Kapp Perry and it's AMAZING!

To teach the 2nd verse of this song, you will need to first get the music!  I purchased the CD called Beloved Double Melodies of Janice Kapp Perry and it included a PDF version of the music to print.  Find more details HERE.  It's not church-approved but I have received authorization from my bishop to use it so I'm super excited.  I've got all the words in my "posting" format to this version HERE (see how I post words HERE).  But again, you will need the music as the music is VERY different than what's in the Children's Songbook.

Then here's how I plan on teaching it, using my materials from last week (also found in that link right above):

Since I have the CD, I will have the kids listen to the song and tell me if they've ever heard the 2nd verse to this song [probably not].  Then we'll repeat and I'll ask them if the 2nd verse sounds like the 1st verse [No].  Then we'll listen again and I'll ask what is special about the 2nd verse [even though it's different, it can be sung at the same time as the 1st verse and it sounds GOOD together!]

After listening to it 3 times and they get a good feel for it, I'll put all my visuals back on the chalkboard including the words to the first verse:

I won't be covering anything up.  I could omit the pictures but the little kids enjoy them.  Then I'll play the song on CD again and have the kids sing along with the first verse.  For the 2nd verse, I'm going to pass out everyone's choosing stick:
(you can just use a plain popsicle stick (or any stick for that matter!) if you don't have these or see how I made mine HERE) and we'll pitch lead for the 2nd verse and try to sing along.

Don't know what pitch leading is?  It's simple!  As the notes go up, you move your stick up (I like to hold the stick sideways) and as the notes go down, you move the stick down.  The kids really love it and it's a great way to incorporate movement into your lesson.  In fact, you could pitch lead to review all of this year's program songs if you wanted!  Let all the kids decorate a "Leading Stick" to take home :).  Okay, sorry for the tangent...

THEN When the CD sings the song together, we will try to figure out which words/phrases of the 2nd verse are sung at the same time as the first verse/phrases (this may be only a Senior primary thing - we'll see).  I'll write those 2nd verse words on the chalkboard next to the phrase that they match.  Clear as mud?  For example, when the first verse sings, "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!"  the 2nd verse will be singing, "This is the church of Jesus Christ." Then we'll add on each of the phrases until we get all the phrases lined up and hopefully listened/sung along enough times that it becomes more familiar.

Time permitting, we'll divide the primary in half and try to sing it with the piano.  Once learned, it would be fun to pull out my "Who Sings Now" necklaces found HERE!


Jamie Schoonmaker said...

Carmella how did you go about getting approval for the 2nd verse? I hope your remeber lol. thank you for this wonderful idea.

I love you blog and all you ideas.

Camille Hill said...

If I'm being honest, I usually ask for forgiveness rather than permission ;). But at the time, my bishop pretty much gave me the green light to anything I chose. But if that's not the case for you, I'd definitely, have your primary presidency and bishopric listen to the youtube version of the song and ask if it's okay to teach to the primary. I posted the youtube link on the other post I have here:


Good luck!