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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Singing Cards Review

If you are trying to prep for upcoming Mother's Day instead, you can find lots of my Mother's Day posts HERE.

I've been wanting to give Susan Fitch's Singing Time Cards a try and this week I'm ready for them (you can buy/download them from her Etsy shop HERE for $5.00).  We got shorted last month due to General Conference and since May has 5 Sundays, I thought I'd do my "program reivew" Sunday from April this week.  Next Sunday I'll focus on Mother's Day and then the next Sunday I'll FINALLY get to our May's song!  Never a dull moment!!

Just to keep it simple, I printed the 4 pages of cards (not the spinning wheel option) on white card stock, laminated them then taped a dowel to the back.  Then I just put them in a bucket for easy storing.

To use them, I'm considering to options:

1.  Pick a good singer to come up and lead the primary with the card-on-a-stick and the primary will sing how the stick suggests for that verse.

2.  I'll pick random cards and change them up while we sing.  I think I'm leaning toward this option :).

I'll just start with January's song and run through them all, in order until we end with April.

One of the cards activity's is to "make up your own actions" and I may bring my Position Cards found HERE just to add some more variety :).  And if you haven't tried the Position Cards yet, they are WAY fun!  They can be a singing time of their own!!

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