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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mother, Tell Me the Story

For Mother's Day, our primary is going to be singing Mother, Tell Me the Story.  I will only be teaching the first verse and then a sweet sister from our ward will be singing a solo on the second verse.  Then the primary and our sweet ward sister will sing the verses together.

To teach this song, I thought I would go simple (after all, it is MOTHER'S DAY!) and pull out some easy props.  It's been a while since I've brought props.  I'll be following a similar idea found HERE on sugardoodle.net.  Here's what each prop will will be, the phrase it coordinates to and some simple discussion questions:

1st phrase: "Mother, tell me the story that I love to hear.": a book with a pink cut out heart on the front {gosh, if I have time, I may just read them that book if I can get through it without bawling my eyes out!}, ask if any of the kids' moms/parents/guardians read them stories and maybe what their favorite ones are.  I got my copy from Amazon here:

2nd phase: "Tell me of heaven and why I came here.": a baby doll, ask, why DID we come here? [to gain bodies, to be tested, to have joy, etc.]

3rd phrase: "Mother, tell how you love me, and gently speak,": a "photo booth" prop of red lips for "gently speaking" {our primary purchased this set of props found HERE but you can easily make your own by cutting out some lips and attaching them to a stick!}, ask how can we gently speak to our mothers and show we love them?  Ask what the word "gently" means.

4th phrase: "And then I'll go to sleep.": a pillow.  Ask if their mom/parent/guardian has ever fallen asleep when putting them to bed.  Also ask if it would help their parents/guardians if children went to bed when told.

**I'm sure I'll get LOTS of eye rolling from my Senior boys with some of these props - I'm excited - ha ;).  And I can only imagine all of them vying to sleep on that pillow!!  Maybe for the Senior primary, I'll have them help me put the props in order as the teachers and I sing the song, at least the first time around.

Then at least for Junior primary I'll call up 4 children one at a time to introduce the phrase and its associated prop.  Once the phrases are learned/discussed, I'll pick 4 more kids to come up and hold a prop as we sing through the whole thing, then repeat with more kids until everyone has had a turn.

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Julie Holman said...

Oh, my goodness! It is midnight Saturday night and I have had a family emergency keep me from getting to my primary planning until now. I'm supposed to teach this song tomorrow and I was prepared to stay up for a while yet figuring it out. I go to my favorite primary website and there you have this wonderful and easy lesson! I am saved and now I can actually get to bed! You are a lifesaver! And I want you to know this is not the first time you have saved me! Thank you for sharing your creativity and testimony through all your wonderful ideas!