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Thursday, January 22, 2015

I Know That My Savior Loves Me - Review

I found this simple review idea called "Heartfelt Testimonies of Jesus Christ" (essentially 'Hot Potato') found HERE.  It really is perfect for providing some great repetition to this song, while also allowing the children to bear their simple testimony of Jesus Christ by playing a simple game.  It doesn't get better than that!

To play, bring some sort of item to be passed - I have some bean bags like these that I made that will work great:

Or Amazon also sells a dozen for a reasonable price:

(a small ball, paper item or an actual potato would work too!).  Post the visuals I created HERE on the chalkboard with magnets.  Have the kids sit in a circle or figure out a pattern of how to pass the item (we'll pass in an "S" formation and the child at the very back will rush it up to the front to start it over).

Have the kids sing while passing the item.  Have the pianist stop randomly and the child holding the item when the music stops gets to remove a phrase from the chalkboard and tell the primary how they know the Savior loves them.  Repeat.  They could also replace the phrase with a heart for "my HEART I give to him" that either has their name on it or that has written how they know the Savior loves them.

Here are some hearts to print on red or pink card stock to cut out:

Download the document HERE.

Perfect to go along with Valentines Day coming up here soon!

If you have a large primary, bring an item for each class or split the primary into smaller groups.  Each group can pass their own bag and when the pianist stops, the children all holding a bean bag get to come to the front, remove a phrase(s), tell how the Savior loves them, and place a heart on the chalkboard.

You could also just have the kids draw a chalk heart on the chalkboard to simplify!


Brooke said...

This is absolutely perfect. Thanks!

Ralene said...

I LOVE this and love all of your ideas. Could you post the words for Jesus said Love Everyone and Love One Another on Google docs? Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing your talents with us.