Thursday, January 29, 2015

He Sent His Son

Since this was taught last year, this week will be a review for the older kids, probably new for the little kids, and a BREEZE for me!!  Yay!

Find my lesson plan HERE from last year!

Then for Senior Primary, I am going to incorporate my review that I did last year as well so they are not totally bored.  Find that HERE.

Next week I'll be doing a quick review in Junior Primary using the necklaces and then for both primaries start learning our Easter musical number for Sacrament meeting which will be the last Sunday in March!  More to come!

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Rachel said...

I did this in singing time this week (the kids had learned it last year but I wasn't called until after the program, so it wasn't learned with me) and it was seriously my most successful singing time since I started last November. The kids absolutely loved going back and forth on question and answer. I'm pretty sure it wa 90% about "winning" vs the other group, but, hey, what works, works. :)
Thanks for everything; I read your blog every week.