Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Primary Showcase Follow Up

This is my follow-up post for my last singing time lesson.  The purpose of these is they help others, going forward, tweak plans for their primaries, stray away from lesson plans that flopped {yes, it happens to everyone...even me!!}, and give feedback (don't be too harsh!) about how it went in general.  You can find my response below.  These posts will be linked back to the actual lesson plan so they'll be easy to reference.

So, I ask you...

If you taught my lesson plan for 2015 Primary Showcase found HERE, how did it go, what things did you change, what do you wish you would have done differently, would you do it again?  Leave a comment below!

Here's my response:

Senior primary responded best to this activity.  We all sang along with the videos and they filled out their worksheets.

Junior primary pretty much turned around on their chairs and colored their pictures.  Some watched but not as many as I wished.  But, I'm glad they were able to listen to all the songs for the year.  At least they were engaged with the coloring!

And, NO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES - PHEW!  I was a little stressed about that!

Actually, this activity worked out perfectly as my pianist was able to step out in the hall and help the other counselor take the kids' pictures for our bulletin board we're working on.  See details about that HERE if you are interested.

Here are others responses's from the Chorister's FB group:

Well..... I did the showcase and technology beat me up. I couldn't connect to the churches wifi. Aargh!! But thank goodness I had the videos downloaded to a DVD that saved me once it decided to play. I pretty much flew by the seat of my pants in SR. Primary singing the songs to the children with help from the teachers. The DVD finally started working for JR it went better. They really liked coloring the check off sheet. Overall it went alright. I liked the lesson. Introducing all the songs was great. I really enjoyed seeing the kids faces light up when they recognized a song. It would have been better had the wifi connected. Thanks Camille!! I did learn how to download videos to my device so I don't need Internet to play them so that was a plus! Oh well onto next week. Right??

Make sure to read the other comments in the comments section below:


Rachel Smith said...

This activity went almost exactly as you described it above in our primary last week. Thank you to those who created the slideshows and for the awesome idea.

Barbara Wilson said...

I created a video of the January song "I know that My Savior Loves Me" with our primary children in it. They loved seeing themselves on the screen and it was a great intro to the year. Then I used the other videos as were posted on the Facebook group page. I ended with our August song "The Miracle" a wonderful ending. I had the children do the paper where they marked down which ones they knew or not. I was a bit short on time so had to move quickly threw some of the songs but I think I would do this again. It's a great way to introduce all the songs. (They sang with the ones they knew as well)