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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stars Were Gleaming 2nd Verse

The 2nd verse to this song is a BEAR!  All those matchy words...I'M having a hard time with it and I'm sure the kids will!

 Image found HERE.

But, to teach it, I think I'm going to just utilize the chalkboard again like I did with the first verse (find that lesson plan HERE).

I'm going to bring my nice, colored chalk:

Crayola has some chalk that would work great too (this is found on Amazon):

and to draw big yellow stars on the chalkboard across the top portion of the board.  Inside the stars will be all the matchy key words because they are SO difficult! (each line below will be one star):

lovely showing
shining growing
onward going
gleaming glowing

Then with the bottom half of the chalkboard I'm going to draw a brown game board going from left to right (think a simple sideways ladder with 6 spaces, one for each star/keyword listed above) and a desert scene. I may add some palm trees to try to get a look like the image above.  I'll also draw a nice, big yellow star on the very right of the gameboard which will be my "finish."

The repeat game will be to move the wisemen marker from the left to right so they get to their star.  Every time we erase a keyword star and the kids sing the song through correctly, the wisemen will move one space to the right.

This is the wisemen marker:
Download it HERE.  I printed mine on card stock, cut around the square and laminated it.  I'll use a magnet to move it from square to square (masking tape will work too).

If time permits, after we've moved the wisemen across the gameboard and all the keyword stars are erased, we will review the 1st verse by starting the game over.  Each time the kids sing the verse correctly, the wisemen will move one space.

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Amy Bonner said...

Thanks for this! Such a great idea!