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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Assignment Cards & Scripture Prompts

A previous ward of mine handled "assignments" for the kids - talk, prayer, scripture, etc by handing each child an envelope with their assignment card.  It was a big deal to get an "envelope" during opening exercises!  So I tailored some assignment cards I saw on Susan Fitch's website HERE and HERE (I seriously LOVE her work!) to fit our ward.  I thought I'd share even though it's not really singing time related...

Download this document HERE.

I also have an all-boy version HERE.

Or an all-girl version HERE.

I have Spanish translations of the all-girl version HERE.

And Spanish translations of the all-boy version HERE as well.

Or individual boy/girl sheets in case your ward only wants to assign out one item in advance and then ask for volunteers the day of.  Find all of these HERE.

Once cut and filled out, each assignment is placed in an envelope with the assigned child's name written on it and placed in our primary's mailbox found here:

Then as part of opening exercises, we'd "check the mail" and pass out the next week's assignments.  At the time, our primary spotlighted a child each week in opening exercises and the spotlighted child  got to deliver the mail.  It was seriously SO fun and SO simple!  The mailbox also contains other things like birthday gifts, Relief Society flyers, and anything that could be considered "announcements."

Our primary presidency also decided that it would be nice to have the current month's scripture taped to the podium so the child who was assigned to read the scripture had it right there in front of them.  So I typed up 2015's scriptures for each month so each scripture fits on a half sheet of paper.  They will be able to fit into a half-size sheet protector.  The sheet protector will be taped to the podium but the scripture papers inside can easily slide in and out with each new month.

Download each of these HERE.

Anyway, a NEW year with a few NEW changes coming to our primary :).


Laura Israelsen said...

Hi Camille,
When I tried to open the file for the talk and prayer assignmets, I got a Google Drive Error saying it couldn't be opened and referred me to Googles privacy and terms agreement. Any ideas? Thanks again for your incredible resources!

Laura Israelsen said...

Me Again,
I am getting the same error message for the Scripture Document:

Camille Hill said...

Hi Laura!

I have no idea...I hope I haven't violated any terms of service - ACK! I've put a call into Google to see if they can help me figure out what's going on.

In the meantime, if you contact me using the tab above, I'll get your email address and send you any file you need, just let me know which ones.

Sorry about all this...what a hassle!


Camille Hill said...

Me Again :)

I just uploaded new copies of the 2 above documents to Google Drive and created new links...it appears to be working now. Let me know if you still have problems.


Carlie Sue said...

Hey Camille, I LOVE THIS! I am wondering if you have an assignment card for the article of faith as well?

Camille Hill said...

Hi Carlie!

I just updated the post to reflect an Article of Faith version. Hope that helps!