Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015 Birthday Gifts

I've been helping out with our primary's birthday gifts for 2015 so I thought I'd share...

I found the original idea HERE on

We purchased the Article of Faith cards from the Distribution Center and thought the picture of Christ with the children on the front went nicely with this year's theme, "I Know My Savior Lives."  Then we've also been learning the Articles of Faith so the back side has the Articles of Faith facing out.

It's been fairly simple, just mass-producing has been time consuming!  10 down, 50 to go!

The wood is just a 2 x 4 (my neighbor had piles in her shed that she donated!) that we cut a little bigger than the card so it would have a nice painted wood boarder.  After cutting, we sanded the edges, then painted (we all had some tole paint and brought we had!), modpodged a card on the front and a card on the back (make sure you don't get them upside down and you have the right side of the card facing out!) and then modpodged over the whole thing.

The gift should make a cute nightstand item!

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Karen said...

I bought an 8 foot 2x4 for $3 at Home Depot. They cut in into 5 inch lengths, 18 of them, for free (Lowes is not able to cut 5 inch lengths and charges for the cuts they can do). The board was in good shape so I was able to sand them with a block sander (non-electric) in an hour.